Can marijuana make a man become infertile?

Can marijuana make a man become infertile? Yes. Marijuana (cannabis sativa) contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a cannabis that is a psychoactive chemical present in various amounts in marijuana. The Food and Drug Administration of the United States says: “Alcohol and drugs can also damage human sperm Marijuana cigarettes and some medicines can affect it.”. Studies have shown that marijuana causes infertility.


THC is present in higher concentrations in the hash. Since THC is soluble in water, it is stored in fat cells for one month at least, or more, if the pot smoker obese. The time when the THC stays in the body fat increases the additional potential dangers that stem from the drug.


Types include varieties of marijuana inside, outside and feminized. Indoor types include Hawaii Skunk, Hindu Kush, God Bud, Marijuana Ice, Durban Poison, Mauwie Mauwie, Turtle Power, Swiss Miss, Misty, Snow white, White Widow and Lady of the Island, to name a few. The exterior include but are not limited to: Blueberry Bud, Happy Outdoor, Afghani, Crystal, California Bud, Northern Lights, Master Kush and New Purple Power. Feminized include Venus, Wonder Woman, Snow White, Northern Bright, Kaya, Wjote Widow Feminized and Light of Jah.


Marijuana smokers produce less seminal fluid and sperm volume than non-smokers of marijuana are fertile. Dr. Iwan Lewis-Jones, a lecturer at the University Department of obstetrics and gynecology at Liverpool women’s hospital and president of the British Society of Andrology, said: “It is assumed that caffeine stimulates sperm, but has not been demonstrated you have improved pregnancy rates. ” By contrast, “cannabis, nicotine and alcohol affect sperm quality because it has been shown to cause DNA damage to sperm. So, yes, the whole issue of environmental factor certainly is related to fertility.”

Elucidation of experts

A study of male smokers of marijuana and fertile men showed that chemicals containing marijuana affected the swimming behavior of sperm in smokers. The sperm affected anything too fast, too soon and “exhausted before reaching the egg.” The issue is that the active ingredients in marijuana are somehow affecting the sperm, and the numbers are in the direction toward infertility ” he said Lani J. Burkman licensed, commissioned the study at the University of Buffalo, New York.