Cannabis as a treatment for epilepsy

As we are demonstrating the scientific advances in research on cannabis, CBD (cannabinoid component of cannabis which differs from THC not be psychoactive and having greater concentration of therapeutic properties) is a substance that is giving very good results in patients with epilepsy.

Products such as CBD oil or other extracts derived from this substance are already legal in the EU, provided they do not have a high content of THC, considering also beneficial from a dietary point of view.

Studies have been conducted in recent years around the CBD they have not failed to provide positive results in patients with epilepsy. Especially it is known is held recently with 74 patients diagnosed with intractable epilepsy (at least if we talk about conventional medicine) that was provided CBD for three months.

The study, which was published in the journal Seizure, shows that significant improvements occurred in 89% of patients not only in reducing epileptic seizures but also in their quality of life, because the drug provided improvements in motor and communication skills of the participants, as well as more reflective and sleep quality.

A story that would illustrate very well this phenomenon was the story of the girl Charlotte Figi, 6 years old, whose parents, after years of struggle, found in a strain of cannabis rich in CBD the solution to the ordeal he lived his affected daughter Dravet syndrome, a type of intractable epilepsy drug also called infantile myoclonic epilepsy. After hearing stories like this, or facts as the case of small J., it is not surprising that researchers are further encouraged to further their studies about this substance.