Cannabis can cure cancer

Today we are invaded the dreaded cancer. It seems a plague. Many of them caused by our environment, chemicals around us, and the consumption of processed foods, are experiencing positive scientific findings fortunately for many cancers. A new study claims that non-hallucinogenic parts of the cannabis could be processed in a potential and effective drug against cancer.

The tests were concentrated on the six most common cannabinoids that can be found on the ground (in addition to THC), and their abilities to fight leukemia. Six cannabinoids (two variants of CBD, two of CBG, and two CBGV) have all demonstrated as effective anti-cancer properties as possessed by the THC, interfering with the development of cancer cells and disrupting their growth, without hallucinogenic effects.

But that’s not all: Following patterns specific dosing, cannabinoids can kill cancer cells on their own. Another important aspect to highlight is that its effectiveness is increased when combined with each other.

Dr. Wai Liu said: “This study is a step to solve the mysteries of cannabis as a source of medicine” has collected a sample to examine the behavior of the cannabinoids and has been shown to have minimal side effects of hallucinogens along with its promising properties as anti-cancer agents.

Since it has been shown that is capable of interfering and preventing cancer cells from growing and even in some cases, by using specific patterns of dosage, can kill cancer cells themselves.” It would be a dream for many”. Of course, you need much more research and thousands more evidence to justify this finding scientifically.