Cannabis extract helps heal the youngest patient in the world

The medical marijuana youngest patient in the world has witnessed a dramatic change since he began his treatment of cannabis extract.

Last February, could read the heartbreaking story of the Nunez family and her 2 months old, Amylea. The family took Amylea Nunez, who suffered from seizures since the day he was born, to Colorado, hoping that cannabis oil (CBD) could save your life.

After four months of treatment successfully, Amylea is now free from its crisis and the Nunez family has   happily returned to his home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Successful treatment of the daughter of Nunez was administered by the Children’s Hospital in Aurora, Colorado, and Amylea has become the latest and youngest baby who has had success with medical marijuana in Colorado.

It is both surprising and miraculous result for a baby who could not even lift her head or out of an intensive care unit during the first months of his life. While she was not cured, Amylea is alive, and her mother Nicole Nunez feels very grateful. Nunez said

“I mean the day we left New Mexico, did not know what to expect or if I was going to bring her back home with me.”

While in New Mexico (which is legal medical marijuana), Amylea keep oil consumption of the rich hope in CBD hemp that has helped him to survive and thrive. While the baby still has trouble using his mouth to eat because the number of attacks experienced at such a young age and made ​​it difficult even grab a baby bottle.

The family still intends to go to Colorado visits for checkups and treatment while provides access to this form of medicine in New Mexico. Amylea cannot be “cured” by cannabis in the sense that she still has to live with his condition, but medical marijuana has no doubt saved another valuable life.