Cannabis tincture

Cannabis tincture is useful for consumption for medicinal purposes.

To consume the tincture of cannabis, we must first know the dose you need in this always recommend to be very careful, not everyone can consume the same way, for it is important to consult a specialist doctor in cannabis or topics of an expert staff on these issues. (Please never consume if you do not know what the appropriate doses are).

We put this dose under the tongue, the move, distributing the dye through the inside of the cheeks. We take ten slow, deep breaths before swallowing. Thus, we get most of the absorption is sublingual, and gastrointestinal part.

We can also use it topically, add it to a drink or even vaporize.

To make cannabis tincture will need:

  • 10% of full of leaves and flowers bowl.
  • The remainder must be filled with the chosen liquor (brandy), leaving a little space.
  • We stir, shake and then twice a day.
  • We booked on a moisture free dark place for a month.